Alternative Sources of Supply for Frac Hose in Louisiana

The Supply of Frac Hose in Louisiana

The need for reliable frac hose supply in Louisiana is increasing due to fracking operations continuing across the state. Fracking is used in Louisiana to recover deposits of both natural gas and oil that are trapped in significant shale formations. There have been thousands of fracking wells drilled in Northwest Louisiana alone since 2008. These operations all rely on high quality frac hose to keep natural gas production running smoothly.
Frac hoses are a special kind of industrial hose that is built to withstand the unique rigors of fracking operations. Fracking involves injecting mixtures of water, sand and fracking chemicals into shale formations. This is accomplished by using extreme amounts of pressure and force. The mixture causes fissures and fractures to form within the shale and these cracks allow the natural gas and oil to flow into a well pipe and upward into a well. The natural gas and oil is then collected and transferred to a processing plant. Typically one type of frac hose is used to discharge the fracking solution, while another type is used to bring water to portable ponds from another location.
With the large number of fracking operations running in Louisiana, it is understandable why it can be difficult to find a reliable local supplier of frac hose. The demand for frac hose combined with supplier's smaller inventories of products typically means long lead times for customers.

Finding Reliable Supply of Frac Hose

Large corporate suppliers of industrial hose and couplings are known for high prices and small inventories of products. Running an efficient fracking operation demands that products be available whenever they are needed. Long lead times significantly hamper the customer's ability to run efficiently and high prices cut into their bottom line.
Alternative sources of supply are providing more options for companies to find reliable industrial hose suppliers, even in high demand areas like Louisiana, Texas and other locations across the US. Industrial hose and couplings suppliers have made the process of finding and securing high quality hose products more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. For fracking companies that require a specific replacement frac hose, competition among suppliers means considerable savings and minimized downtime. The top suppliers have access to the largest inventory of industrial hoses and couplings. Suppliers often ship to customers the same day as it is ordered given the availability of product.

Order with Confidence

In order to ensure the best experience, it is advisable to order from suppliers who are recognized members of The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD). This organization is dedicated to ensuring high levels of professionalism and integrity in the industry.
The future supply of frac hose in Louisiana and throughout the US is looking brighter than ever before. Major industrial suppliers are doing an excellent job of fulfilling the increased demand for quality products, competitive prices and exceptional customer service.
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